Oakley Icon Pack 3.0 Review

You can define the Oakley Icon Pack 3.0 with its durability and specialization. This backpack has a high capacity complimented with a great performance making it a perfect choice for athletes.

If you are traveling with media players, shades and any other delicate electronic, this backpack has separate pockets that provide protective storage. For instance, the top compartment is customized to prevent your delicate materials from impact.

In other words, this Oakley backpack is a great bag for both adventure and routine travels. It is also designed to accommodate unpredictable days and bad weather.

Its nylon finish on the outside makes it waterproof as well as lightweight for easier and comfortable carry.

Oakley Icon Pack 3.0 Features

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Padded Laptop Panel

The backpack is enhanced with padding to give protection when carrying your laptop. The panel is divided to create a safe and secure area for storing your machine.

This makes it very easy to store and access your machine and you will not have worries about your laptop having any scratch while inside this backpack.

Abrasion Resistant

The bottom of the pack is made of a very strong abrasion resistant material that makes it durable. The resistance helps in improving everyday wear and tear hence extending the longevity of this backpack.

Having this backpack gives you the opportunity to use it for a long period of time without having to replace.

Compression Molded Back Panel

Oakley Icon Pack 3.0

The molding allows you to shape the components like the back panel to make it more comfortable. It also ensures that there is even distribution of pressure and prevents heat from building up.

This backpack is also designed in a rugged manner to provide protection and keeping every gear dry.

Compression Molded Back Panel

When travelling, you do not have to leave your devices behind. You can still listen to your favorite tunes or stay connected while you are on the go.

The media pocket gives you the opportunity to keep high tech devices safe and secure.

Compression Molded Back Panel

This helps you to carry heavy loads with ease. The waste belt is adjustable to any size that you prefer giving you more comfort when carrying the backpack.

This is a backpack that is durable and a perfect selection for athletes who normally go hard.


  • Made from tough nylon therefore is durable
  • The backpack is bad weather resistant
  • Provides adequate storage space
  • Interior fabric finishes for protective storage
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry


  • Limited to 15 inch laptops and below

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this backpack water resistant?

A: Yes it is, it has a water resistant combo on the outside hence your items are very secure from getting contact with water.

Q: Does it have enough space to fit 15 inch laptop?

A: I love this backpack. It has a padded laptop panel that keeps your laptop safe and secure. I carry my 15 inch laptop using this backpack and it fits perfectly.

Q: How durable is this backpack?

A: This is a very strong backpack that is made of durable materials. The bottom is made of abrasion resistant material that prevents wear and tear. This is a backpack that you can use on a daily basis without wearing out.

Final Verdict

This backpack can be of great service to anyone travelling with a lot of essentials. It has well defined compartments that allow you to store everything you are travelling with separately.

For instance, the laptop compartment is designed to offer protective carriage for your 15 inch mac book or notebook.

It has top pocket compartments for safe carriage of media players, shades and any other material that might get damaged during your journey.

This backpack is tough and long lasting and therefore can serve you for a very long period of time.