High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

Travellers and students have lots of luggage to carry. Being a student and working part time, I have a lot of luggage that I carry around with me. To begin with, I have to carry my books and laptop as I use these at school.

I also use my laptop to work. In addition to that, I also have to carry my headphones, mobile and chargers with me. Of course I would love to carry all these in one bag.

In my search for the perfect bag, I came across the high sierra loop backpack. I will discuss a little about it on this High Sierra Loop Backpack Review.

High Sierra Loop Backpack Features

It has some amazing features, and I’m going to discuss them all below.

Lots of Storage Space

Best High Sierra Loop Backpack

As I earlier mentioned, I have a lot of stuff that I carry around with me. This bag had enough space for me to carry all of them.

There is a large compartment for my laptop and other multi- pockets for storing the other items.

It also has other compartments which I use to keep my notebooks and papers. It also features a cellphone pocket.

As you can see, every item that I carry around with me, has its place in this bag. I can also switch its usage during the weekend to carry my clothes for a weekend out of town.

Easy Organization

This bag has multi-compartments which enables easy organization of your items. It has a zippered CD/MP3 player pocket and a port for my headphones.

It also has zippered mesh pockets, removable key fob and pen pockets. With this kind of organization, it is very easy to retrieve my items because I know exactly where each item is.

It is also good as your items are kept safe. Like he keys for instance, they are securely held by the key fob.


High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

This bag has to be the most comfortable of all the bags I have owned. As earlier mentioned, I like to travel over the weekends.

Sometimes I even go cycling on the mountains and have to carry a few snacks in my back pack. If you are to carry this bag for like 7 hours while travelling of cycling, then it has to be comfortable.

Even if it is a short distance to the classroom, comfort is important. This bag features well-padded straps that are easily adjustable.

There are also other adjustable bands around the waist to ensure that you are very comfortable while carrying it.

Variety of colors

This bag comes in a variety of fun colors. Some of these colors are black, bright multi- colored, purple flowers and pink plaid.

With these many colors to choose from, different age groups can use this bag. The more mature and conservative ones can go for the plain colored ones while the kids can go for the multi- colored ones.


This is one of the best priced bags. You do not have to starve yourself after buying this bag. Compared to other backpack brands, you get value for your money when you buy the high sierra backpack.

Price is perhaps one of the major considerations when buying anything. This bag retails between $$ and $$ on amazon.

Other specification

  • Shipping weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 19 x 13.5 inches
  • Capacity: 1949 cubic inches
  • Material: mini- hexagon ripstop, waffle weave, 600- denier duralite


  • Durable fabric which does not wear out easily
  • Straps are well padded
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Can carry up to 15 pounds
  • Premium organizer


  • May wear out if not properly handled
  • Some seams are not properly sewn and are likely to rip easily

Final Verdict

This is a bag that everyone who has so much to carry needs to own. Whether you need to carry books to school then later head to the gym without having to pack your workout clothes in a separate bag, this backpack is for you.