High Sierra Access Backpack Review

When shopping for a backpack, I like to look for one that is heavy duty and will last long. This time I checked out what high sierra has, and I landed on the High Sierra Access Backpack.

High Sierra is known for making high-quality bags and luggage for outdoor use. There is a lot to this bag that I loved. I have been using several High Sierra backpacks, including High Sierra Swerve.

After checking and analyzing the features, I have got something to share, and I will try to focus on this High Sierra Access backpack review article.

High Sierra Access Backpack Features

It has some amazing features, and I’m going to discuss them all below.

First Impression

High Sierra Access Backpack Review

They say that the first impression is a lasting impression. When I first received this bag, I wanted to try carrying it and see how it felt on my back.

It had lots of padding, which felt so comfortable. Due to this padding, I knew that when I loaded it with lots of stuff, I would not feel the items on my back.

This padding was also present on the wide straps. I still feel comfortable even when carrying heavier stuff.

Great Material

Backpacks made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear tend to last longer. I like to buy items that are of high quality so that I do not have to incur an extra cost in making repairs.

The high sierra access backpack is constructed out of mini ripstop, diamond ripstop and 100- denier duralite fabric. Since this fabric is not completely water-proof, they have included a rain cover to protect it during the rainy days.

Lots of Space

The thing that still amazes me, is its pockets. The other day I realized that it had more pockets than I had initially noticed.

It has inside pockets and a compartment for my electronics. On the side is a mesh pocket that I use for my water bottle.

This helps me to be properly organized and easily find anything packed. These many pockets come in handy for busy professionals and students.

Cheap Bag

High Sierra Access Backpack

I got this bag on Amazon. Again, there were so many colors to choose from. I chose the Holmes plaid/ black one because am a big fan of plaid.

This bag’s great features made me feel like I was paying too little for it. Its large size is also very convenient, especially when I have to travel for a day or two.

Convenient Bag

This bag is very convenient. It can fit two laptops and will not feel the weight on my back. Its great design, gives room for versatility.

There is so much I can do with this bag. It features a sternum strap and daisy chain which I use to attach some accessories or to secure it down.

This is every convenient, especially when I go to the library and have to leave it outside. The key hook also helps me secure my keys and easily trace them. This is a very convenient bag for those who are constantly on the move.

Other Specifications

  • Material: 600 denier duralitediamond ripstop, mini ripstop
  • Capacity: 2750 cubic inches
  • Size: 20x15x9.5 in
  • Maximum laptop dimensions: 15.5x 10x 1.8 inches
  • Warranty: lifetime


  • Light in weight, about 2lbs when empty
  • Its straps are well padded.
  • Strong fabric which does not wear easily.
  • Adjustable sternum straps.
  • Deluxe airflow back panel with fully padded VAPEL mesh with tuck away.
  • Deluxe media pocket


  • Fabric does not completely resist water, which means your items could get wet on a rainy day.
  • Fabric is prone to tear when snagged
  • Zippers are not so strong.

Final Verdict

Due to its great features, I would recommend this bag to all my friends. Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.