Best Places to Travel in 2018

If this year was all about bucket list tours, stunning sceneries, the world's finest beaches and traveling closer to home, then the coming years should be more outside the box locations for a better experience and greater escape. The world is authoritatively changing direction with popular travel locations and now exploring newer luxury places, as more individuals seeking to see the sights around the world now more than before. Leave your beliefs about certain places of the world at home and get ready to see more excitement and fun in store for you. It is not too late to go on a once in a lifetime trip. From the attractions of Chile to magnificent Granada and the seashores of Bermuda, these are the best places to travel: 


Bermuda is a beautiful islet reserve situated in the mid-Atlantic and is always remembered for its deep-sea fishing, pink beaches, and perfect golfing greens. A major destination for a variety of international sports activities, this place is anything but sleepy. You can always enjoy racing at the Royal Naval Dockyard, which is located north of Great Sound. Some racing is designed to unfold against the beautiful beach environ. The gorgeous town of Hamilton, with the harbor filled with yachts, is also a must-see. You can also take a stroll through St George’s at the isle’s north-east tip. A World Heritage Location, the town’s old buildings give it the appearance and impression of a movie backdrop.


It is difficult to imagine a nation more gorgeous or more diverse than Canada. The very popular Canadian Rockies comes with vast landscapes. A little renowned is the grandeur of the backdrop elsewhere. For instance, Pouches British Columbia, comprise of warm-wintered reserves of olives and vines (the Okanagan) and desert around Osoyoos. Inside Passage, a maze of inlets and isles is one of North America’s best views. Alberta’s prairies also contain the fall insignia eerie badlands and Edward Isle which is home to some of Earth’s most beautiful pastoral countryside.

Canada through road provides, amid other great things, the Icefields Limited-access highway over the emotion of Alaska Main road north and the Rockies in the direction of the deep-rooted goldfields and the Yukon of Klondike. Out there, the landscapes of some towns are worthy of visiting in their special little way. Often regarded as one of Earth’s most livable cities, Vancouver is also worthy of visiting. Also, a lively francophone territory, Montreal is also part of my beloveds, but momentous Quebec, energetic Toronto, and unacknowledged Victoria are also persuasive too.

Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh is a fascinating combination of novelty and custom. In the north of India, the architecture, bold, and modernist of Chandigarh have over the years seen it become bestowed with classic rank. While just sitting outstanding this urban location, a new hotel reveals the Mughal and Rajput heritage with rather pretty panache. Chandigarh is amongst Earth’s most extraordinary urban constructions; a purpose-driven city Le Corbusier created in 1950’s. The outcome is a work of art in blocks– and eco-friendly spaces too. It is a very comfortable location loved by locals for its large paths and parks.

Recently, Capitol Complex, a government structure, was amongst a few Le Corbusier’s best works to be included amongst UNESCO's World Heritage. At the same time, the final details are being added to an innovative resort of boundless splendor, which is created in Siswan Forest to sit on eight thousand acres, just 30-minute drive from Chandigarh.


Gradually, methodically, South American’s most unnoticed wonderland has developed into arguably the most desirable adventure tourism location. And why? This due to its enormous 2,650 miles stretched, with no more than 150 miles wide, and is packed with biodiversity, ecosystems, and exceptional topographies. With 36 national parks, Chile has some of the most extreme environs on Earth, from deserts to inlets to subpolar isles, and roads and paths with needed structures to make them accessible.

The capital, Santiago, is overflowing with fine dining and new boutique hotels, as well as persuasive restaurants. The country wine tourism scene can be enjoyed more in the south of Napa, with the Maule Valley also open to tourist. In search of city pleasures, it is time to head for extravagances: there are new hot-air balloon flights in the Atacama Desert and Patagonia where tourist can begin on a much slower drive along Aysén’s Southern Highway and holiday at Parque Patagonia, Chile’s latest, and least congested area.

Granada, Spain

Spend some days drifting round Granada is part of the greatest sensory of history educations. You can also have a more fulfilling with a visit to Alhambra gardens and palaces, made by Nasrids, last Islamic reign of Spain. With each visit, you get to learn a little more about the secrets buried in the complex construction. While you choose Granada, Spain for sightseeing popular monument, you can engage in other minute things that trickle into your personality. You can sightsee the beautiful floras falling on whitewashed fortifications, overlaid fountains in small shapes, and scrumptious forkfuls tapas in lively bars. Hovering to Granada also creates a short period of skiing more achievable in the Sierra Nevada, as the skiing resort typically have snow up till April. Hiking on the southern slopes of Alpujarras, the highlands are delightful in May as the scenery are filled with flowers.

Hossa National Park, Finland

Nothing stops your tracks in Hossa National Park, Finland other than a subtle purple pile along the footpath. It appears that the sayings are true about bears in the woods. Hossa National Park is the newest jewel in Finland’s remarkable wilds crown. The national park provides hiking tracks in quest of nature and ancient rock art.  The actions range from fungi foraging to kayaking. Elk and reindeer wander freely in Hossa National Park carpeted in berries and moss, while bird lover can search for such avian A-listers as black woodpeckers and many more. You are not likely to see a bear here, as it turns out that they are timid creatures. But you are more likely with wildlife-watching hides near Finland’s border to Russia. Here an all-night vigil may also yield wolves or wolverines. No place in Europe affords tourist such dependable happenstances with these rare animals.

Lech, Austria

This town has constantly had lots success, attracting the rich and renowned. Lech is the embodiment of Alpine charm, finished with prehistoric timber chalets, onion arched ecclesiastical and a twisty river. There is a wide-ranging ski-in/ski out lodging in the car-free cable of Oberlech, two hundred-meter overhead Lech and linked by lift. Lech’s also has a special snow record, averaging above 7m annually while Zürs, a nearby village, average approximately 12m. It is mostly transitional runs and properly presented. The size of the ski area in Lech-Zürs was doubled some years back when another lift was installed.

Thanks to huge investment in 4 new lifts, the major parts are linked, producing the biggest lift-linked ski area in Austria. Lech is also benefitting from an updated cable-car to Oberlech. The new cabins can carry up to 80 persons, eliminating queues and providing more room for luggage transportation.

Liuwa, Zambia

Liuwa is in Zambia’s wild Western Province and amongst the upper Zambezi floodplains. As the yearly floods retrocede, they leave behind flower-strewn wilds as yet scarcely affected by tourism. In places, the plains are mottled with timbered isles and water-filled pans that entice black-winged pratincoles and endangered wattled cranes and in the tens of thousands. You can be safe to expect to see more than 300 species including bustards, pelicans, and several birds of prey. But Liuwa is best acknowledged as the home of Africa’s second-largest wildebeest movement. They are joined every year by hyenas, wild dogs, herds of zebra, lechwe antelopes, chased by cheetahs, and a small number of lions. As a tourist, it may not be compared to the Serengeti, but you would have it more to yourself.


Embracing innovation while conserving the past is no easy mission, but Oman has done so with such self-confidence. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman favors synthetic geniuses and eye-popping extravagances. The Sultanate maintains a strong mix of prehistoric traditions, modest generosity, and remarkable backdrop, with exceptional infrastructure as well. The low-profile capital, Muscat, has a mix of single-story buildings disrupted by towers and supported by the Rocky Mountains. The Green Mountain (Jabal Al Akhdar) is only 2 hours’ drive away, which is nearly 10,000ft at its top and is famous for its damask roses. The inner desert, which is amongst the legendary Rub’ al Khali (Empty Quarter) covers 1/3 of the peninsula. The desert is still natural and wild, while the friendly coastline stretches over large miles.

The entrance of 2 Anantara resorts offers more fascinating motives why tourists should trust Oman. You can be guaranteed a joyous trio in Oman; it is worth it.

Pula, Croatia

Do you wish to wander along the secretive passages of the Roman Amphitheatre in Pula? Well, a trip to Pula might well be on the table. You can imagine the breath, the feel of lions kept here before, trouncing at the likely human flesh to feast on. You can also go around the Amphitheatre on top. It is the 6th largest in the Roman Empire and also amongst the well-preserved.

Although Pula does have a stony shoreline, you can still enjoy the attractive waters. For something close to a beach holiday in Pula, you can try resorts such as Porec, Rovinj, and the Venetian-era Piran. There are also other locations to plunge yourself in Habsburg and Roman splendors, day and night. The Amphitheatre is th venue for several concerts during the warm months.  Pula is also a good spot to tune into the buzz of a somewhat rakish working port; something celebrated exclusively every summer. Pula’s Lighting Giants is the latest cultural offering which features an astonishing radiance of the cranes that fill the port’s shipyards.


This nation remains a riddle for several folks. Some opinions are possibly by partisan pressures and the logic that it is in some way a hostile, unfavorable nation. But it is not so at all. Russia’s cultural and social influences, particularly in ballet, literature, and music, have strong historic roots, even the Romanovs has a link with the Queen. Occasionally, it is correct to assume Russians can act a little stubborn. But it is a civilization that has tolerated much over several decades, and if you see an opportunity to have a chat, possibly over minute vodka, you will get to see another side of us with a sense of humor and a clasp of sarcasm not too diverse.

But if you would like to see more in olden times of the revolutions, you will enjoy the chance to see the Winter Palace, and possibly the room where the Bolsheviks took over supremacy. In St Petersburg, you have the magnificent interiors of the Romanov palaces; Lenin’s mausoleum and in Moscow the Kremlin’s forbidding walls along Red Square. If you are not conversant with the specifics, nothing beats the chance of learning about these choice place. With Russia, you get the sensation of what makes it whole and strong.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Mongolia is 3 times the size of France and the 4th most sparsely populated nation on the globe. Mongolia has beautiful green pine forests, coruscating highland waters, falling rivers, massive rolling prairies, and shifting dunes of the Gobi offers for the audacious tourist. The homeland of nomadic commander par superiority Genghis Khan, Mongolia is still a nation of pastoralist nomads till date. If you fancy this nation, you would see more yurt camps spot the breadth and length of this attractive scenery. Massive flocks of Bactrian camels, dzo, goats, and sheep graze under the blue skies of Mongolia.

Mongolia has always been a perfect example of coolness, but it is amazingly easy to reach and will turn out to be even more open with the upcoming state-of-the-art Nubia. Ulaan Baatar, the lovely capital city of Mongolia, is home to more than 1/2 it’s 3 million inhabitants, and also brags of abundant first-class hotels. During the annual Naadam Festival, is one of the best time to visit Mongolia. The UNESCO recognized festival comprises of a pulsating display of athletes, instrumentalists, and monks. You may choose not to partake in the famous festival as you can enjoy other exciting activities like cultural tours, fishing, motorcycling, and trekking.


The best places to travel are not always the famous and busy destinations. There are more than that, and you can be sure to find something much more different in our selected best places to travel. The selected places all have something unique and fascinating for you to explore, and we believe you would find every reason to enjoy these awesome locations.