Best Camera Backpack Review

You sometime needs to hold the extra tools that come with the camera. On the other hand, your camera needs an excellent case to be protected from weather conditions and sudden accidents.

I know, you don’t want your expensive gadgets get damaged, and you really need the best camera backpack which will protect your camera and gadgets.

I have spent hours of times to find the best camera backpack for my readers, and reviewed them in details so that you can choose the one you need.

5 Best Camera Backpack Review

Lowepro Fastpack

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The Lowepro Fastpack 350-Black Camera Backpack comes with lightweight, high-quality construction and extremely comfortable design.

Protective Cells of the bag keep your camera safe. The triple compartment design can accommodate a notebook up to 17 inches alongside your camera with proper protection.

This bag features a side entry system, so you can access your camera inside the bag even while wearing it on shoulders.

The main access panel is 180 degrees to make your loading and unloading easier even with digital SLR with a larger lens.

Lowepro Fastpack is a water-resistant kit. It will absorb moisture and remain robust through long journeys. There is a harness pocket, outer accessory pocket and mesh slide pocket to keep essential accessories.

Some of its features include

  • Triple Compartment Design for camera Protection
  • Notebook Storage system up to 17"
  • Outer accessory pockets provide external storage

2. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

Case Logic SLRC

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The backpack is made of durable but soft materials to accommodate all your essential items for photography giving your camera a perfect protection. You will get hook-n-loop straps to adjust your tripod.

The main compartment can accommodate SLR camera with zoom lens attached with it. The patented pending hammock system gives extra protection to your camera.

The shelves are removable so you can customize the bag for more space. There is memory foam padding inside the SLR pocket to secure the camera.

Take it anywhere with you while packing up camera cords, batteries, cleaning kit and all the small but necessary stuff. The water-resistant bag will ensure you do not feel any problems in the sudden rain.

Some of its features include

  • Backpack holds SLR camera body with attached zoom lens
  • Providing superior impact protection

3. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack

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AmazonBasics Backpack holds all of your Camera Gear inside. The backpack can hold two DSLR or SLRs inside.

The flapped side pockets will hold keys, batteries, straps and other smaller things. There are two bigger pockets that are good for manuals, books, and a rain poncho.

The inside is of the bag well-padded and has a lot of space. The pockets are meant to hold delicate items like memory cards, lenses, USB drives and more. The best thing is, you can remove the foam padding to customize the space yourselves.

The side straps can hold the tripods in place. The backpack can be adjusted to the weight of the gear. Padded straps around shoulder, waist and chest do well to balance the weight of the luggage.

Some of its features include

  • Backpack holds and protects 2 smaller SLR/DSLR camera bodies
  • Durable black polyester/nylon exterior
  • Both Side extra pocket
Professional Gear Backpack

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The Professional Gear Backpack is a heavy-duty product with extra protection, and sturdy built quality to survive longer.

The high-quality construction is made with thick padding with nylon and fabric. This camera backpack is good for almost all the SLRs and DSLRs and even video cameras.

There are as many as 8 different pockets to disintegrate your camera and put the important parts in place.

You can open the camera pocket from the outside with a zipper that slides. It can be worn like an ordinary backpack on two shoulders and even as a sling across the chest.

You can customize the pockets thanks to the Velcro divider. Also, take it on rough trips without worrying as it is weather resistant. It has adjustable straps too.

Some of its features include

  • Special Carrying Backpack Case for Nikon D750
  • Padded compartment for laptop and Notebook
  • Versatile features including 8 accessory pockets

5. Ape Case Pro Small Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack

Ape Case Pro Small Digital SLR

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The Ape Case Pro Small Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack (ACPRO1800) can accommodate two digital SLR cameras and 4 to 5 lenses with a notebook or tablet of 10 to 12 inches wide.

It may be small in dimension but big on functions. The exterior is made of weather-resistant nylon to negate water.

The pockets are covered by quality zippers. They are designed to protect intricate pieces of equipment.

Inside, there are dividers which you can move around to customize the backpack pockets for space. The Ape has provided a lifetime warranty for this product against any defect that may come across.

You can keep your cell phone inside and also a water bottle in one of the pockets. The backpack is also designed to hold your tripods.

Some of its features include

  • Ape case backpack fits two digital SLR cameras
  • Padded compartment for extra lenses and a tablet or netbook up to 10"
  • Both side two pocket with zippers

Final Verdict

The best Camera Backpacks give ample importance to the safety of your pieces of equipment. The listed five brands all have a durable construction with spacious interiors. You can even customize the space you have got.

Some of them have a sneak pocket that opens up from the outside for easier access. This article should help you research about a perfect bag for your needs.

Consider the aspect of price and the camera size before looking for the suitable kit.