Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II Review

Like any other Adidas product, the Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II is a high quality and convenient sports backpack. It is designed with a FreshPack ventilated and separate compartment for storage of damp boots and socks.

The backpack also has a ball compartment that fits full inflated soccer ball and a top zippered pocket for additional secure storage. On top of the brand popularity, this backpack is a time saver whenever you are packing.

It features easy access compartments with suggestive designs making it easy to know what to fit in each pocket. It is also one of the most comfortable backpacks to wear due to its comfortable and shock absorbent shoulder straps. The backpack was specifically customized to accommodate the needs of soccer players.

Adidas Estadio Team Backpack Ii Features

So if you are in search of a backpack, read this informative Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II Review below.

Spacious main Compartment

Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II Review

It has a main compartment with a zipper that enables you to store many items when going for soccer. The space is large enough for team branding.

The main compartment has several zippered valuable pockets that you can use to store various items. It also has a padded cell phone pocket that keeps your cell phone safe and secure.

Separate Shoe Compartment

You do not have to store your smelly shoes together with other items in the bag. The backpack has a separate shoe compartment that gives you the opportunity to store your shoes a separate compartment.

It keeps your gear and bag safe from odor causing bacteria. This compartment is well ventilated to allow fresh air and this keeps your bag fresh.

Loadspring Shoulder Straps

Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II

The shoulder straps are shock absorbent and designed to give you comfort when carrying this backpack. The shoulder straps are climacool and very effective in bearing the weight instead of your back doing it. This makes it easy to carry heavy weight.

Front Zip Pocket

It features an adjustable zippered mesh ball pocket at the front that is large enough and spacious. This is a backpack that is ideal for any boy or girl who loves playing volleyball among other games in school.

You get the chance to enjoy the use of different compartments that you can store your game uniform, water bottle among other necessities that you may require.

Polyester Material and has Lifetime Warranty

This is a backpack that is designed with soccer in mind. It is made of a strong polyester material that makes it long lasting.

This is backpack that you can use for a long period without experiencing wear or tear. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The backpack is roomy enough
  • Made from quality materials
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Shock absorbent shoulder straps
  • Offers protective storage


  • Small shoe compartment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the ball compartment of the backpack fit men’s basketball of 29.5 inches?

A: I think that ball is too big for this bag and it cannot fit perfectly. My son has a 24 inch ball and it fits well leaving some little space.

Q: Does this backpack have a separate shoe compartment section?

A: Yes it has, you do not have to store your shoes with other items inside the bag. The shoe compartment gives you the opportunity to store your shoe and keep your bag fresh.

Q: Does it have a padded panel enough to carry my laptop?

A: I don’t think this backpack has a space to carry your laptop; mine has padded pockets that are effective for putting my cell phone. You may need to look for a bag that is large enough to carry your laptop safely.

Final Verdict

For those who are in soccer or any other ball sports, this backpack is perfect for game or training travels. It is spacious and able to accommodate all the things you need for your game or training.

Besides, it is also protective and therefore perfect for carrying electronics and mobile phones. The backpack is also comfortable to carry and therefore gives you an easy time when travelling.