About Us

Hi, I’m John,

Collecting Cool Backpacks is my hobby, and all of my friends and relatives know it. For the reason, I receive hundreds of queries each month over phone, email and social media about Cool Backpack recommendation. Which one they should buy now, which will fit them finest etc. I do search and read reviews and backpack features to suggest them the best backpacks.

I have been doing the same thing again and again and the idea of creating this website comes one day. I instantly decided to put all of my recommendation and personalized buying guides on a website, registered the domain name BackpackAdvice.com and created the website and started putting my suggestions and reviews here on this website after getting the site online.

Some of the backpack links are my affiliate links; I will earn a commission (without any extra cost to you!) if you buy backpacks following my link. I appreciate if you do.

Let me know if you have any question regarding backpack suggestion. Drop me a mail at contact at backpackadvice.com. I reply every single email, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any query.

I’m friendly, and love to build friendships with new peoples. Don’t be a stranger, please 🙂

Thanking You