Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 Review

Most popular and top rated Swissgear Travel Backpack...

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Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 is one of the most popular and top rated laptop bags on the market today.

This ideal travel backpack comes with checkpoint friendly features that can accommodate literally anything you need to carry for your trip.

Professional travelers can have their packing process made easier and quick with this spacious and organizer backpack.

If you travel more often on business or any other occasion, this backpack makes it possible for you to have all your belongings fit in one place and in a very organized manner.

This backpack also allows for easy and quick security check at the airport.

Swissgear Scansmart Backpack Features

Read on for an informative Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 Review below.


Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 ReviewMaterial is an important thing to consider when purchasing your backpack. Swissgear SmartScan Backpack is made from polyester and therefore is one of the strongest and most durable laptop bags on the market.

It offers safe carriage and protects your goods and other materials inside it during your journey.


The backpack is made from non-polarized polyester. This makes it pure and unique as compared to other travel backpacks. This backpack design is also classy and stylish and therefore can be a great travelling material.

Comfort Shoulder Straps

It has padded shoulder straps for comfortable carriage and easy fit when wearing the bag. This travel backpack is strong and can accommodate a good weight of belongings.

In cases where your journey involves a lot of walks, this bag will make things easier for you and prevent you from getting exhausted.

18″ high x 13.5″ wide

The backpack is designed with 18 inch height and 13.5 inch width to allow as much carriage as possible. This size is ideal for carrying up to 17 inch laptop and so much other goods.

This backpack provides adequate space for traveler planning on carrying a lot of belongings or added requirements like tools or clothing.

18″ high x 13.5″ wide

This Swissgear backpack comes with suggestive compartments that make packing easy and quick. The wide variety of packing sections provided by this backpack makes it easy to organize your stuff for safe and easy carriage.

The backpack provides you with the opportunity to fit your laptop in its own compartment, and also do the same to your goods, documents, electronics, tools and other necessities.

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  • Has very comfortable shoulder straps with pads
  • Designed for quick airport security passage
  • Quick and easy access laptop compartment
  • Checkpoint friendly features
  • Strong and durable


  • Relatively heavier than other backpacks
  • Limited to not more than 17 inch laptop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How do you compare the quality of this backpack to others?

A: The quality of this backpack is very good; it is made from very strong and durable materials. I have been using mine for a long while now and it’s still as good as new.

Q: What if I have two laptops each 17 inches, can they both fit in the 17 inch laptop compartment?

A: I won’t advise you to do that. This Swiss Backpack is designed with different compartments for documents, files, electronic accessories, laptop and so on. You can use any other segment that fits for the second laptop.

Q: How much does this laptop backpack go for?

A: I bought mine from Amazon for an offer, it cost me $$. I find this Swissgear SmartScan Backpack valuable and it serves me just fine.

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Final Verdict

With its padded shoulder straps, Swissgear SmartScan backpack is so comfortable to wear ant balances well to distribute even weight of your luggage. It makes long journeys less tiresome even if you have to carry the backpack on your back throughout.

Its easy access laptop compartment makes it one of the best selling and consumer recommended laptop bag on the market. It also offers compartments for electronic accessories and water bottle.

Whether you are planning a hike, rod trip, quick business vacation or any other journey, this backpack can simplify your luggage and provide you with an easy time.

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