SwissGear Synergy Computer Backpack Review

SwissGear Synergy Computer Special and Quality Backpack Review...

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If you are a mobile person, you will need a place to store your necessary things and travel. Imagine you are going someplace to attend a meeting, or you are a travel maniac who loves to roam around the countryside while working or on a vacation.

If you carry a lot of stuff besides the laptop, you will need a quality Backpack, SwissGear Synergy Computer Bagpack may just be the perfect thing for you.

In the following section of the review, I’ll elaborate the key points, features, pros on this SwissGear Synergy Computer Backpack that make this product a special one along with some cons.

SwissGear Synergy Backpack Features

It has some amazing features, and I’m going to discuss them all below.

Nylon and Poly – Two Materials Used

The two materials that are used in making this backpack are Nylon and Poly. Nylon is super tough when it comes to durability. Poly and Nylon both repel the dirt and water in the rainy season.

As a result, the inside of the backpack remains dry. It helps the laptop you carry to remain functional.

Tight zippers hold your laptop and other things efficiently inside. Design of the Swiss Gear Computer Backpack as it won’t look to be bulky and oversized when carried around.

Room for Almost Everything

Yes you heard right. The SwissGear Computer Backpack can hold almost anything in it. Be it your text books, your iPad, iPhone or the Laptop, there is room for anything and everything. The spacious compartments don’t compromise the weight and the look at the bag at all.

Inside the Laptop compartment, there is a clip which holds your laptop in place. The clip also is a strong one. Dual Zippers are well-made and last the duration of three years as claimed.

Long Durability

SwissGear Synergy Computer Backpack ReviewThe sturdy materials which go into making the backpack, give it extra durability. The shock-absorbing straps make things easy for you. The bag itself can hold a tremendous amount of weight without putting stress on you.

Dual Handle System helps maintain 28 pounds of weight over long stairs by this gear.

Other Features

  • Dimension: 19 inches X 14 Inches X 12 Inches
  • Notebook Compatibility: Most notebooks with upto 16 inches width of Monitor.
  • Strapping on Shoulder: Yes.
  • Strap and Carrying Handle: This bag has a carrying strap for trolleys for easier transport. There is also a sturdy carrying handle in place.

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  • A comfortable gear to own. The design speaks for itself.
  • Very spacious you can carry all your necessary things in it without any fuss. There are pockets for anything you need in your travels from iPods, MP3s to the laptop you are carrying.
  • This backpack holds your laptops well. You can carry a laptop which is 15 inches to 16 inches
  • The padding in this backpack is something to boast of. It makes things comfortable for the users. The straps will absorb shocks for you.
  • The pocket for Notebook is towards the center of the Backpack.
  • There is a pocket stabilizer which can help you conserve space.
  • Waterproof Bag helps to keep your accessories dry.


  • You cannot access the iPod while carrying it in your backpack.
  • In the middle of the backpack, there is a place for elastic strap. That is why there is no padding for the notebook.

Final Verdict

SwissGear Synergy Computer Bagpack is a combination of style, durability and comfort. Being a backpack enthusiast, I don’t usually opt for any backpack without knowing about the full specification, comfort level and durability of a product.

Fortunately, SwissGear Computer Bagpack has satisfied thousands of customers through its longevity and service, which made me confidently tell you, “Go for the backpack without hesitation.”

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