Kipling Seoul Large Backpack With Laptop Protection Review

Kipling Seoul Large Backpack with laptop protection details review...

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Whether you’re heading to school, office, shopping mall or down the street, you need to have a backpack to carry your laptop with you.

Kipling has been manufacturing fashionable bags that come in varied selections. Kipling Seoul Large Backpack with laptop protection is ideal for people who used to bring their laptop with them all the time.

Kipling Seoul Large Backpack Features

Now, let me discuss how great this bag can be on this Kipling Seoul Large Backpack review.

Organizational Wall

The bag has plenty of organizational pockets in the interior. It allows you to have control over what you put in your bag.

These pockets are properly distributed. It includes slots for pencil, ID, eraser, and other small objects.

Furthermore, you can find a cord that can hold your key inside the bag so you don’t need to go rummaging around for those keys.

Signature Monkey Keychain

Each Kipling bag has this nice ornamentation. Interesting to note that each of these cute monkey keychains is named after the actual employee at Kipling.

You can choose to detach the keychain from the backpack, or you may want to keep it hanging on the side. This charming valuable is the distinctive features of Kipling bags.

Small Compartment On Top

It is used to house knick-knacks you have in there. You can keep your coins inside so it would be easy for you to access them when you need them.

Alternatively, you may want to house your headphones inside this small pocket right at the top of the main compartment.

Hook and Loop Strap For Laptop Compartment

Kipling Seoul Large Backpack With Laptop Protection ReviewIn the main compartment you will find the slot for the laptop.

The laptop compartment has a nice locking mechanism with the use of velco straps. It is a lot easier to stuck your laptop in it and to take it out.

The elastic velcro straps ensure that your laptop is held tightly so that when you travel, it doesn’t jostle within the bag avoiding possible damages. So it is perfect for laptop or tablet.

Also the laptop compartment has got a nice padding so you can be sure that your gadget is well-protected there.

Nice Sleeve Fronting The Laptop Compartment

Maybe you bring along with folders or tablet you can actually put it in the sleeve right in front of the laptop section.

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  • It can carry a large load, but it doesn’t look bulky when you wear them. It holds its shape even when you put many books and other school stuff.
  • The bag is made available in a wide color option. You can choose a design that actually fits your personality. The wide color selection allows you to match the bag with your aesthetic preference.
  • Spacious main compartment
  • It has a grab handle on the top which you can use to carry your bag, or you choose to carry it with duo shoulder straps.
  • It is built with ample padding at the back an on its straps.


  • The downside is that it has a very limited space for laptop. It can only carry up to 15-inch laptop.
  • It lacks bottom protection.

Final Verdict

This bag is highly recommended for students and teachers as well as people who want to use it for official purposes.

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